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Full Version: MyBB Scratchboard – Post your random admin/dev stuff
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Login with Tumblr is really cool. Wow.
Looks good Shade, but it looks like some of it may be cut off slightly on mobile. I've included a screenshot below.

[Image: ZqSpRKL.jpg]
Thank you Euan. Mobile support was not planned but I'll do my best to add it in the near future.
Making a bootstrap based login Smile
Trying my hand in editing the default theme... started off with index page, modal login and registration page...
@mmadhankumar Looking good - I might move that lightbulb though - it looks like a password input mask and gives a surprise on click.
Thanks for the feedback Leefish.. Maybe I would change the lightbulb to a question mark and move it outside of the input textbox...
Yea, its a PITA. I still have to decide where to put it on my modal login
(2014-10-22, 01:23 PM)jariz Wrote: [ -> ]@iandrew Well like I said, I don't have time to do stuff anymore, I've got a long list of tweaks like that I'd like to do as well.
it's working, but it still needs quite a few tweaks, which is why I'll probably opensource it, just poking around to see if there's any interest.
It would be nice if you opensource it, even if it's not completed. It's a nice theme and can be useful for those (like me) starting with mybb and semantic-ui
Finally finished on shavenook I think. I prefer the subtheme, but customer rules Smile