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Full Version: MyBB Scratchboard – Post your random admin/dev stuff
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You should be able to see it. That's concerning. What browser are you using?

edit: oh. it's because i didn't do it for guest view yet. sorry lol
Weird, clicking the link just opens this thread up in a new tab. xD
Yup, this has happened before.
The weird thing is I've only ever seen it happen with links to your site. Weird.
I'm guessing the plugin returns you to the referrer xP
haha oh man. maybe that's it.
Still working on this dark theme:

[Image: blackcanvas2.jpg]
Hey, that's starting to look pretty good. You're improving a lot.
It looks pretty nice.
Thank you for the encouraging words. I got some advice from Crayo and completely redid the header. I think I need to line up the top of the last post title with the top of the Forum title, postbits are DONE, profile and user control panel (aka the User Settings) are in process. Right now I am using images for buttons, but I will swap that for css later.