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new theme with grid forum

list forum:
grid forum:
Greate Theme this is Responsive Theme ?
(2015-09-09, 06:04 PM)iturdu Wrote: [ -> ]Greate Theme this is Responsive Theme ?

yes, but I will make two versions, no responsive and responsive version
i think both themes are going to be paid .
Just started on a new responsive theme (TechFuse, dark theme). (desktop) (responsive)
Different way of showing PM alerts:

Hello guys, I am currently working on a Responsive MyBB Theme which comes in light and dark versions. I have used custom Frame work for the responsiveness and didn't break the table integrity of MyBB and yet the theme loads well on Mobile devices and loading time is fast too.
Here is a quick preview :
The release of this theme is soon Wink
Looking forward for some feedback.
[Image: FtiTvTN.png]


[Image: eWQLMuP.jpg]

[Image: 2atCcl8.png]

[Image: xCu89Jl.jpg]

[Image: MYasuQc.png]

[Image: MHNbZJM.jpg]
Looks amazing Shade, very impressive.
How does it looks if using Zingaburga's AdminCP Dropdown Menus?