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(2013-05-19, 04:48 AM)brad-t Wrote: [ -> ]I'm not calling you out – I'm still on 1.6.9 lol

[Image: xUzZIPsl.png]

New design comes to Messaging as well ...

... and it's a vast improvement. Looking good. Definitely like the subscribe options for new thread. Much better solution than hiding them like I do.
(2013-05-19, 10:12 AM)Leefish Wrote: [ -> ]To see if I can. Making the postbit swap from classic to horizontal on resize has been interesting and taught me a lot about css.

I did something similar: postbit author table cell is above post content cell.Author username, online status and user title are only visible elements in that first table cell.
This is how I went with the layouts - the layout has 3 breakpoints; under 768 is horizontal postbit with a full width container; 768 to 1024 is classic and full width container; 1024 plus is classic and a margin on the container.

I am working on forumdisplay - the threads themselves are a one column table, but I am trying to avoid the easy display;none etc approach. I might do that though Toungue
Index is redone - not a table in sight. I am struggling hugely on the forum images. Should I dump them entirely? If I keep them I know I need better ones.
Is there a responsive port of the default theme? Even if it's not default, I'd love to get my hands on one.
One of my biggest regrets with the new version of Harajuju is not having a new profile ready to go with it. Killing some time working on it right now. No need to point out the Facebook comparison; I'm well aware. I'm aping it because it works, especially in the context of a "fashion profile" – the cover image is important.

[Image: SmretWn.jpg]
I like it Big Grin Though maybe a semi-transparent black background covering the bottom 50% of the image? Just so the text is more readable on lighter backgrounds.
There is actually. It will be more obvious on a light background.

This is just a PS mockup
I recently made a few changes to the 1.8 series. Minor, but they make MyBB that little more user friendly. Smile

[Image: 0RPLxbi.png]

As you can see we've ripped out some information which you don't necessarily need to see on every page (PHP version, Global Parsing Time, and GZip compression status) and made durations easier to interpret. Instead of showing "0.0116310", for example, the data is right there in front of you. This continues on the debug page and also in the ACP. Durations go as low as microseconds and progress up to seconds. Not just pretty, but useful too.
That theme I've been working on found a niche:

[Image: 62.png]

[Image: 63.png]

Forum index:

The arrows are off but I'll be fixing that soon.