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Full Version: MyBB Scratchboard – Post your random admin/dev stuff
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Not really a design issue, but... how much space are you really saving with those ...>. Wink

[attachment=28511] (gimped image)

The 1 is redundant (just click the thread subject for the first page), does anyone really ever use 2..4, and wouldn't they rather have the last three pages available than just the very last (which could be just a single post)... questions upon questions.

What would brad-t do?
The arrows are attached to the last page number for two reasons: to make it clear that the user is skipping ahead to the last page, and more important, since this is the most popular pagination click, it's there to make the click target more obvious and easier to hit.

You're right that the 1 is redundant, but you can't get rid of this from the template alone. I actually think you're probably right that more options for the last pages is better than the first few.

Now I'm wondering if pagination on the forumdisplay is useful at all. You can get to the last page by using the Last Post column. Hmm ...

[Image: tnWDHLb.png]

How deep does the rabbit-hole go?

Had to do some really messed up CSS to accomplish it, but I got a fully clickable <td> without Javascript and without interfering with any elements on top of it. Phew.
Combining posts is really annoying me now ...

[Image: viprVcF.png]

Unread, hover state, standard. Entire TD is clickable using CSS only. I didn't want a Javascript solution since they cause issues with command/shift-click and they don't display the clickthrough URL in the browser. But the CSS used is pretty cumbersome.

edit: what an unintentionally consumerist screenshot
Looks good brad. I take it the large arrow jumps you to the last unread post? I assume that if so, you have a title element on it or something to help make that function clear?
[Image: t3uRfUq.png]


Persistent thread controls! Never scroll to the top again!

[Image: ino0Rci.png]
I've been quite busy with other stuff in these months but here I am with a mobile version of MyBB I'm currently working on:

[Image: IMG_0015.PNG]
Beautiful! Is this based on MyBB GM or from scratch?
Great stuff, Brad. Though I have to ask: when are you planning on fixing the guest view on Harajuju? The header is still not coded. Everything else looks good.
The normal guest view is fine. The guest view using the preview link I provided here is not fine. But considering it's a development sample, I am not too stressed about it. That said, I should do it soon, yeah haha