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Full Version: MyBB Scratchboard – Post your random admin/dev stuff
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Awesome ^

And no one is saying that FMB. No need to be so confrontational. Just sayin'
Looks nice Eric - will it work on 1.8?
Yeah, probably better on 1.8 depending on if/how much the CSS saving process changes.
Will it be able to support when they finally get around to actually doing something with it?
Well, regular CSS will be used in the same way in the CSS editor. So basically anything that's supported by CSS would work there anyways. D:
(2013-06-19, 07:18 PM)Xanth Wrote: [ -> ]Awesome ^

And no one is saying that FMB. No need to be so confrontational. Just sayin'

Wasn't getting confrontational but simply stating that somehow everyone expects every good thing on MyBB (themes, plugins etc) to be free just because the software is. Just sayin' I'm one of those people who agreed to Open Sourcing the plugin just because we have bigger plans ahead.
I didn't understand that they were planning to market it as a proprietary feature of their own themes.
"Increased control over how your theme looks, with little to no HTML/CSS knowledge!"

Something along those lines.

(If you're referring to selling the plugin by itself, it was going to come stock with a base MyBB framework to create themes from)
I think that would've been reasonable. I thought the ONLY distribution would be to individual users with already complete themes, which I found ... odd.
Long overdue question, does the stuff posted in this thread have to pertain to MyBB?

Edit: disregarding the current title of the thread of course.