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I am not sure what kind of content would be valuable enough to put there as a default template, to be honest. The kind of content that's valuable there for me is still dynamic content, like popular threads, new articles, etc ... which is all webmaster related stuff. I'm just finding it increasingly common to see, "Oh, we need a right column, let's just put whatever in there."

It wouldn't stop me from using the theme though, since I'd just put whatever I wanted there.
Anyone have user profile inspiration? Bonus points if it's on MyBB. Having a hard time coming up with something cool.


[Image: lFudkuw.jpg]
I think a lot of your users would like to show off that cover photo a bit more. Perhaps you should arrange things to give the photo some more space? Facebook and Google+ are perfect examples.

Also, I recently signed up for Ghost and their little online profiles (very incomplete at the moment) could work quite well for you if developed a bit more. Ghost is actually a very interesting project. Watch their video. Wink
I didn't want to give the cover photo a ridiculous amount of space because unlike Facebook, Google+, etc, the purpose of the profile is to be visual in general. Making the cover space bigger will push the content further down the page. I talked to a few (important) users about it and and they seemed to like this design concept.

That said, something like this is also possible.

[Image: fS4EJPb.jpg]
brad-t: Perhaps some boarders could be added to that last design, I defiantly think the avatar needs a boarder, the tabs could do with one too. This is just because the conver image could become the same colour as the text...
^ True. Facebook puts a black gradient image in the bottom for that case.

@brad looks great! I don't have anything to add, it defiantly works.

My todays work (unpolished) :
Please don't hate on me for taking the idea from XenForo (once again), it's such a nice way to do the inline moderation imo but see for yourself.
(So happy to got that done ^^ )
There is a black gradient on the cover image. Borders around elements feels very heavy-handed.

Late pass, but that inline moderation thing is cool.
I love that inline moderation box appearing next to the check box. Big Grin
Curious to know what kind of jQuery animation you used there. It looks really cool!
Great work Buddy , on the moderation tool.
it looks too good Smile