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A little update on my long term project here;
One of my goals was definatly getting a solid implementation of a offcanvas navigation for mobile widths and I'm really happy to got that finnaly done!

[Image: w36IFLJ.png]
[Image: 069N3Pu.png]

I really can't wait to release this guys Smile
Looks great! Big Grin
Thanks a lot! Big Grin

[Image: Qj78cPy.png]
(sticky footer.. aww yeahh ^^)
Nice, looks alright. But why does everyone seem to copy "be inspired by" XenForo.
Thanks Smile Yeah.... this really doesn't have much of XenForo anymore though...
The general layout of the content area in the screenshot maybe. But what's wrong with that?
I don't see too many options for the forum bit/index;
if you like to have the description displayed instead the stats or the whole thing in a tile layout or get rid of the sidebar - that's up to the user and we will provide proper support for this kind of stuff.
The XenForo'ish layout is my favorite and it will probably be default but I might also develop multiple alternative templates/tutorials people can use (if the request is there) . Once I release this theme everything will be about it's customization, redistribution and sharing of resources, code snippets (templates) and knowledge.
I just love it,
Simple,sweet ,and Unique.
BTW I am working on accomplishing the off canvas menu's on my localhost.
Glad you made it possible.
Keep up the great work.
I don't think it looks much like XenForo, but it inherits the parts of XenForo's design that are the worst, like taking up prime real-estate with totally useless statistics. If you're gonna stick stuff on the side like that, make it useful.


I just launched the first article on my site. You can do a lot with MyBB!

[Image: GPTxTiS.jpg]
Wow Brad, that's stunning!
Thanks envira and brad for the feedback!

Awesome, I knew I couldn't be the only one doing it. ^^
What are you using? I got lucky using Sidr.

Would you be able to give specific suggestions regarding the layout ?
Should I swap the forum (bit) stats with it's description?
Or how about doing that and hiding the description in mobile and replace it with the latest post and author? This way I can still keep control over the mobile forumbit height.

As far the sidebar goes, you can add a latest thread blocks using a template edit (which I think is anything but useless) and one could also add a game server status block, teamspeak status block, ads or a paypal donation image - whatever goes good with your project.

I think not having a sidebar on the index would be taking away even more "prime real-estate" in most cases. It is hidden in mobile and toggled in a off-canvas manner, so it's only there if the space is really.

Blog looking good! Smile
Looks great brad. Especially liking the typography.