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Euan, how easy would it be to upgrade from very early versions to the current state or even the 1.1 as you say?
It should be as simple as deactivating, uploading and activating. Unless you mean a pre-release version, in which case you may see a few errors.
[Image: pluginmaker2.png]

Another snapshot from Plugin Maker. The development goes slow but constant. So far I got working:
- a simple filecache which handles settings and internal variables without using a MySQL database;
- a simple apply-or-revert system to write and revert code written on plugins, which is done by "steps". Every step has its own unique number/string which can be easily reverted with a single line of code;
- the first step (_info function) of the plugin creation;
- the saved plugin listing;

More to come.
Shade, is this a hosted service or a plugin?
A stand alone web application you can run on your own server.
[Image: elegance.png]
OMG :|
Holy orange that is sexy. Nice work Shade.
Actually, a small criticism: the submit button is way too faint and the font doesn't mesh with anything else on the page.