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Full Version: MyBB Scratchboard – Post your random admin/dev stuff
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Thanks a lot guys!
I'm happy you like it Smile

The flip in animation is from animate.css
The slide down/up animation is a simple CSS transition.
After weeks of planning / creating drafts and previews i've finally found some time to start working on windows 8 UI inspired theme - MetroStyle (current working name). As for the blocky design i'm still working on the header area in order to balance that visual look (maybe a third color ).

[Image: r4rrWMR.png]
The name could possibly be: 2Dimensions, 2nd Dimension, Orange Dimension, Styled Dimension(s). Take your pick. Wink Good luck; it looks great so far!
Looks Great Johnny, Well done with colors.
I wish to see more colors included
Looks nice Johnny, I look forward to what you develop with the theme design. A color palate option would be great.
Thank you all for the comments on this preview. As for color palette i'm currently looking at W8 color palettes (greed, red, blue, orange). Once i'm done with revamp i'll start with different color schemes.
A PHP driven product coupon management page:

[Image: 48XgtQW.png]
Started work on this ages ago, but finally picking work on MyBB up again now that I have some free time. Still needs a lot of work, but this is the basic new direction for MyAlerts:

[Image: NIyFlJD.png]

The idea is to make adding alert types from plugins much easier and to make user experience better.
Let me know if you're ever looking for plugin work!
My priority right now is getting my existing plugins up to date and feature rich - as well as getting MyBB Stuff going again, but I will let you know Smile