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Been working on recreating Gene for 1.8. This theme has always been one of my most popular designs and I still get questions daily on where people can get it. Well, it will be available soon!

[Image: xoJCl24.png]
I'm working on transitioning my post editor to use the Font Awesome icons. Biggest issue is finding icons that relate to some of the custom myCodes I want to include.

[Image: Rq8G2V9.png]

Currently am using font awesome for:
Left, Right, Center, Justify
Numbered List
Bulleted List

Also using it for these custom myCodes:
Word of the Day
Thread URL Shortcut
Which ones are you trying to assign icons to?
Well, all of them. It's just the custom ones that are rather specific to my board that don't necessarily have an equivalent. Word of the Day, for example, doesn't have an icon that I mentally associate with it included in the Font Awesome pack.

Updated photo with the Mail, Image, and URL buttons changed.

[Image: 3TD3iC4.png]
Use the "Z" letter for "Word of the Day" Toungue.

If you want..
(2014-07-18, 08:04 PM)jshort Wrote: [ -> ]Well, all of them.

I'm asking because I obviously don't know what your custom MyCodes are :p
Ah, okay. I thought you were referring to the default icons on the editor, not my custom ones.

Here is the completed bar:
[Image: OknL1Ce.png]

- Bold
- Italic
- Underline
- Strikethrough
- Font (unchanged)
- Text (unchanged)
- Color

- dohtml
- H1
- Blockquote
- OOC Comment (it's an RPG board)
- Word of the Day
- Link to Thread ID [tid=#]title[/tid]

- Left, Center, Right, Justify
- Lists
- Image, URL, Email
- Quote, Code

If there's interest, I might take some time to write down a tutorial on how to use Font Awesome with the post editor.
Not as cool as shade's of course but this is something I've been working on:
(2014-10-06, 01:19 AM)Eric J. Wrote: [ -> ]Not as cool as shade's of course but this is something I've been working on:

O.O very nice! Feels IPB-ish. Big Grin
Nice one Eric.

For my own community I feel very proud of my approach to simplify the user experience:

That is the show thread page for my portal news forum (powered by xThreads, OUGC Show In Portal, Quick Advanced Editor by Martec, and OUGC Revatar for the little avatar).

The reply button is hidden so users can only access to the page by clicking "Preview Post" in the quick reply form. The idea is they don't need advanced tools since it is only a "blog" system.

New reply page is pretty much empty likewise.