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Great work Shade. IIRC Pirata made a c++ plugin maker app long before. It wasn't actively developed later. Its great that you bring back something like this. Smile
Great Job Shade , this now helps not only plugin makers but also theme designers Smile , Thanks a lot.
* JordanMussi is awaiting development from several of Euan's projects. Toungue
* JordanMussi may send some pulls in the future...

Thanks for opening the repository Shade Smile
MyStatus is a PITA. I want to rewrite it, but I don't have time. FollowMe will come after COnversations and MyAlerts 1.1.
Yeah get that. No hurry. I'd rather see your threaded PM plugin (conversations) and MyAlerts released first.
The next version of MyAlerts should be a big improvement for developers (including myself). I'm doing things how they should have been done first time round.
Euan, let me know if I can help out with anything Big Grin
I certainly will do. When MyAlerts nears readiness, it will need lots of testing by users and developers both.[UNIQID]

First email campaign almost ready to go. Here's hoping we get some increase in activity from it.
Looking good brad. Hopefully it'll help!