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A clean dark quick-reply from my current WIP

Full normal view:
[Image: HeN7qbD.png]

Options switch clicked:
[Image: Xby3tsX.png]

Quotes in queue:
[Image: NV9YRCl.png]
Looks good effone. I hope a lighter version is made too.
I took the liberty of moving this to Theme Development (makes more sense since this is mostly just theme mockups) and sticking it.

Sidenote: Check out Sublime MyBB Template Editor. All the designers seem to hang out in this thread, so I thought I'd spread the word here. Toungue
Haha, it took me so long to find this topic again (had to use Google).

That looks great. I'm still using Sublime Text 2 (and Notepad++), but I might check that out the next time I start working with MyBB again.
Just made an interface design with just to test

The design is flat and used Icon font SOSA and Lato font.
Thanks for watching,
Hello guys,
I have been busy lately as i have been learning making responsive designs, also UI/UX designing, css3 using its enhanced features, animations etc.

Here goes my past 5 days work :

1. The Beating Heart initiative by MediPg : Link
This is made by using css3 key frame animation, for my medical website

2.GG UI/UX design : Link
This is an interface created and remade in Photoshop and i am planning to code it.

3.Updated Our MySkins with some spectacular css3 and jQuery effects.
The header animation, contact page design, updated portfolio, 2 themes released, etc..

4.A template based on Bootstrap for my uncle's Hotel ( website still under construction) : link
This my first Bootstrap based responsive design, made with Twitter Bootstrap 3, and i have gone through some tutorials and designed the layout in some 4-5 hours.
Boot strap is really awesome Smile, now planning to make some mega templates Smile

5. Again a Css3 Animated "Hover Gangnam Style" : link
Used a bit of keyframes animation to obtain dancing Gangnam Smile

Apart from these i am appearing my entrance exam in December so i will have limited appearance on web.

Tell me what do you guys think Smile
Thank you,
I love what you did with bootstrap on your uncle's hotel website. Good work!

And that gangnam style page is funny. Toungue
(2013-08-31, 06:05 AM)Xige Time Wrote: [ -> ]I love what you did with bootstrap on your uncle's hotel website. Good work!

And that gangnam style page is funny. Toungue

Thank you buddy,
the template what you see by default is not the bootstrap one, i am uploading it, infact my first template with bootstrap, i included parallax scroll and pretty photo based gallery too

Yeah gangnam style was quite funny, many said that, ibut unfortunately not working on firefox working on it work on other browsers.
thanks though,
[Image: zEJIrJZ.png]

Small update to the resend activation page. Added the email address as a hidden field.

Also, this will appear at the top of the page if your account isn't activated:

[Image: OCHX7yO.png]

Does anyone know what template corresponds to this page?

[Image: MIEz3Oc.png]
That's not a template.

member.php, line 1086: