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Yea, I think the read topic is not so useful either, but we have a lot of users who are not really very computer/forum efficient, so they do not always realise they can click the link on the section. In addition to that, it fills up the side a bit on very big screens. On 1024 (iPad) it is not there at all.

On the index I got rid of the last thread - not because we don't have content daily - we do - but this way it means that the user goes to the forum rather than the last thread, and so get to see all new in that area.

EDIt: @ brad - which table row?
for each thread/forum

if you really must have a "read topic" or whatever link, i would replace it with an arrow, as that text doesn't really look nice
I actually really like the orange text and that is something I don't intend to get rid of Big Grin It matches the orange text on forumdisplay.
No, I meant instead of Read Topic ... I can do a mockup if you want
Oh - those - yes, I took those off up to 1280 - they are filling the block for something on the screen sizes over 1280 Sad

Also, thanks for the clickable TR idea - I implemented that. I think I will do it on forum display threadlist as well.
(2013-01-08, 09:04 PM)brad-t Wrote: [ -> ]IMO the entire table row should be a link if you can manage it

I hate that personally. People are more than capable of clicking the section name lol.

Leefish, we attract quite a few computer-newbies ourselves and I don't think any of them have complained about having to click the section name. You could always use the help documents to show them though, I just think having "read topics" there is redundant.
Yea, my help docs are plodding along - I just thought it looked so empty on a 1440 plus screen and I explained my reasoning for NOT having last thread there. I really want users to arrive - see new stuff - (orange new) - then go to the forumdisplay - read the new threads.

What screen size are you guys on?
Would you not want to fill that space up with section stats instead (# threads, #posts)? Yeah I know it's the type of information that regular users don't care about, but I think it's better than duplicate links.
arg. Number of threads and post you mean? Sad I think it is totally uninteresting to a user really and a second link is better than gumph. IMO.

I do see your point, and as I have a small screen I don't have to suffer the duplicate links. I shall test it and see if we lose posts.
Just updated the memberlist and the index page. I also got rid of the view topics button. After a week of being hidden no complaints from users so off with it Big Grin

[Image: attachment.php?aid=28326]